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Steaks at Flat Iron & The Boyfriend Tag

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Lontoossa uusien löydösten teko, olipa kyseessä suloinen putiikki taikka kahvila, ei ole hankalaa, mutta jostain syystä niitä ei kuitenkaan tule tehtyä ihan jatkuvasti. Omalla kohtaani tämä johtuu ehdottomasti siitä, että hyvän paikan löytäessäni haluan palata sinne uudelleen, sen sijaan että alkaisin taas etsimään jotain uutta.

Sunnuntaina törmättiin kuitenkin ihan sattumalta pihviravintola Flat Ironiin, josta me ei kumpikaan poikaystäväni kanssa oltu aiemmin kuultu, mutta joka houkutteli heti sisäänsä. Onneksi satuttiin paikalle juuri sopivasti lounasaikaan ja vieläpä nälkäisinä, sillä muuten se olisi voinut jäädä kokonaan kokeilematta.

Ulkoa käsin Flat Iron on aika huomaamaton, mutta sisältä löytyy rento, vähän industrial-tyylinen henki. Menu oli helppolukuinen: keskellä sivua oli Flat Iron Steak talon salaatin kanssa, alla sideseja ja muutama erilainen kastike lihalle. Myös talon drinkit kuulostivat tosi herkullisilta – paikka pitääkin ehdottomasti testata myös dinneriaikaan! Pihvi oli kertakaikkisen suussasulavaa: parempaa en muista syöneeni muualla, kuin vanhempieni keittiössä isäni valmistamana. Hinnatkin oli mielestäni enemmän kuin kohdillaan, joten tämä tulee jatkossa olemaan ehdottomasti niitä paikkoja, mitä ehdotan, kun joku kyselee ravintolasuosituksia.

Alle halusin lisätä Monan blogista bongaamani ’Boyfriend Tagin’ eli poikaystäväni vastauksia minuun liittyviin kysymyksiin. Aika varmoin ottein nuo vastaukset varmasti poikkikseni suusta tulivat, mutta parin kohdalla joudun nostamaan kulmakarvojani. Esimerkiksi synttärikakku-kysymyksen kakku on SELVÄSTI poikaystävälleni itselleen, sillä itse pidän hänen kuvailemaansa yhdistelmää vähintäänkin erikoiselta enkä mitenkään hyvässä mielessä!


Finding new places, whether a cute boutique or a café, is definitely not hard in London, but for some reason I don’t make those new findings that often. I know it’s mainly due to wanting to go over and over again to places that I’ve already been to and fell in love with, rather than constantly looking for a new place to go to.

On Sunday, however, we accidentally bumbed into a steak restarant Flat Iron, of which neither me or my boyfriend had ever heard of, but which tempted us to go in straight away. Luckily it was lunch time and we were getting hungry, otherwise we probably would have never tried it in the end.

On the outside the restaurant doesn’t look like much, but inside there’s a cosy industrial style atmosphere. The menu was really easy to read: in the middle of the page there was Flat Iron Steak with a leafy house salad, underneath some sides and sauces for the meat. The house cocktails sounded absolutely delicious too – will have to give this place a go for a dinner sometime! The steak was simply delicious: I can’t remember having better anywhere but prepared by my dad. The prices were really on point as well, so from now on Flat Iron will definitely be a place that I recommend for anyone looking for a good steak. 

To finish this article, I wanted to add the ’Boyfriend Tag’ which I spotted on Mona’s blog. My boyfriend didn’t need to think about the answers for long but there were a couple of answers that got me to raise my eyebrowns. I mean, that cake that he’s describing is CLEARLY for him and not me – I think the combination sounds interesting to say the least and NOT in a good way!


Location: 9 Denmark St, Soho, WC2H 8LS

1. If your girlfriend is watching TV, what is she most likely to be watching?

Doesn’t really watch a lot of TV, but I would say replays of comedies: Friends, 30 Rock etc.


2. Which salad dressing does she go for?

Depends on the weather and her mood. I’d dress my salad with meat irrespective with mood or weather, she would typically be more elegant and keep it light, then pick at mine…


3. What’s her least favorite food?

She’s actually really open to flavours and food. If I had to say one, it would probably be this strange Moroccan pastry which we received as a ”main”. It was made of a stale pastry, generous amounts of sugar to bed a diabetic for a decade and cinnamon (even though she loves cinnamon).


4. You’re going out for dinner and drinks. What will she order?

Red wine, a Bordeaux going full body.


5. What’s her shoe size?

5 – I think


6. If she was to collect something, what would that be?

Really strange home decoration. She was looking at a gold coloured whale tale today, need I say more?


7. What could she eat every day without getting sick of it?

Steak, rare, with a good sauce and vegetables.


8. What kind of music does she listen to?

Drake. There is no ”music”, only Drake.


9. What kind of films does she like?

All – but more dark movies which consist of someone getting tormented for no apparent reason whatsoever.


10. What color are her eyes?

They’re green-ish with a very light splash of brown.


11. Who is her best friend?

I would like to think it’s me, but Siiri.


12. What is something that you do often but she doesn’t like?

I have a number of things, some which I prefer not to disclose to remain cool, but I believe one to be ordering beer when everyone around the table goes for a wine.


13. Where was she born?

A hospital.


14. If you were to bake her a birthday cake, how would it be like?

Red velvet cake sponge, passion fruit cream in the middle and a lavender soft cream on the outside – provided I had the ability to do this.


15. What does she like spending hours and hours doing?

Shopping in non-crowded areas and visiting cafes for breaks


16. What is she particularly good at?

Many things: Working out her back, being spontaneous, endearing and challenging me.


17. What’s the strangest food that she likes?

Kiwi – question is relative.


18. What are the three things that she is always carrying with her?

– keys – phone – money

This is her checklist everytime she leaves (clothes is obvious).


19. What gets her irritated?

A bad outfit, or the cameraman taking strange angled photos.


20. How about happy?

A good outfit, or the cameraman taking good photos.


21. Which famous person does she look up to?

I have no idea. I think she gathers her inspiration from all angles as she already beats some famous people in other feats, in my humble opinion.


22. How is she as a girlfriend?

I’m still with her aren’t I? This questions a trick one…


23. When did she meet your parents?

I honestly don’t remember when, but it was over coffee.


24. What’s her newest interest?

Home accessories.


25. How does she dress at home?

Shorts and a tee

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